SCALING A BUSINESS - How I made 6 figures from ONE system in 2019

We all have heard that the quickest way to a six figure income is with multiple streams. But let’s be honest - that sounds like a lot of work…right??

Let me let you in on a little secret - it doesn’t have to be.

I’m getting ready to give you an inside look at MY income streams and how I used ONE system (my signature process) to create a six-figure income in 2019 so that I didn’t have to reinvent the wheel or roll out new offers every month and burn myself out on the way.

Today we are going to talk about scaling your business - the SIMPLE way.

The key to scaling up is to first scale back. (counterintuitive, I know - but stick with me) It’s really easy for us to get “shiny object syndrome” when our offer isn’t performing the way we want it to. We want to throw it in the trash and start over instead of sticking with what we know and making it better and better.

So, if you’ve been spreading yourself all over the place trying to find something that will stick, I want you to first, scaaaaaaale back. Decide what it is that you really want to be known for, the thing you do BEST and own it.

It can be big or small. But decide on it and stick with it. For 90 days (Yuuuuup. 90.)

For example, I’m a coach, but I am also really good at creating websites, I started off as a photographer and wanted to do brand photography as well. Those are all related, right? They are all in service to business owners. 

The thing is, I CAN do all of that - and I may do all of that later. But before I can branch out I need to expand UP.

And you do too. So find your thing and stick with it. 

Next, you need to nail down your process. SO for a coach like me, that’s easy. I have to have a process or steps for my clients to learn and follow to get the full value.

But if you’re a “done for you service” may seem a little challenging at first. I promise you can do it though.

I’m going to use my client as an example. We will name her Sam. Now Sam came to me as a home baker, more specifically a cookier. She made those beautiful and detailed sugar cookies.

and now that I’m talking about them I totally want one.

ANYWAYS, she was able to nail down her process into steps like “make promo cookies, promote on social, take orders, make cookies, etc.”

(I’m sure I totally butchered that - it’s just an example y’all…) WHICH not only made her cookie creating process more fluid and she was able to find pieces to delegate/to batch work on certain parts of it. But she was also able to add new facets BASED on this exact system.

And now she not only teaches cookie decorating classes (which is a teensy part of her process) BUT she teaches her entire process to other home bakers so that they can emerge from being a hobbyist to having an actual home bakery biz. She has a home study course as well as mentors privately with this process.

In addition, she is also working on mini courses and e-books based around different aspects of her process, so it creates endless opportunities for her to re-structure her process and create a new offer for different audiences or to serve a different purpose.

That was a LONG STORY - but I really hope it painted the picture for you. Type “I got you” in the comments below if you’re still with me!

SO to recap,

Creating your signature process is simple if you first scale back to the main thing that you know. It can be a huge, all-encompassing type thing or it can be a smaller zone of genius. It doesn’t matter as long as you own it.

THEN you need to nail down the process in which you do the thing you do - from start to finish. 

BONUS points if you create a Possibilities List where you write down ALL of the ways (big and small) that you can package your system in the future to provide multiple income streams and build your business to six-figures and beyond.

Make sure to send me a snapshot of your possibilities list so I can get excited WITH you about all the ways you can grow your business. 

Shoot me a DM on Insta (@mrsmakaylaervin) or share it in our community for limitless females, The Unlimited Woman Society. 

Talk Soon!


Makayla Ervin