THE INSIDE SCOOP to setting and achieving your BIGGEST business goals. in the next 12 months

Wanna know the secret to getting unstuck, hopping OFF of the hamster wheel, and actually achieving those things you’ve been daydreaming about in your business?

Well keep reading because today’s episode of The Unlimited Woman Show I’m giving you the inside scoop to setting and achieving your biggest business goals in the next 12 months. 

You ready?

I’m Makayla Ervin and this episode is super special because I’m going to share with you a fool-proof strategy that’s helped my clients do things like land partnerships with multi BILLION dollar companies, 7x’s their income and create their own form of passive income from a business she built with their own two hands. 

Now with something this valuable, you do NOT want to take it lightly. Grab a pen and your favorite notebook so that you can jot down all of the nuggets of wisdom coming your way. I’m about to walk you through my flagship system The Unlimited Woman Business Plan that has been proven to help people achieve their “far out” goals in less than 12 months.

Oh yeah, it’s getting real. 

Before we dive in, gimme like 45 seconds to give you some background.

This system was born out of my utter frustration with myself for not ever following through and achieving what it was I set out to. 

You see, I grew up VERY strong willed (sorry mom - but look and me now!) and determined to do EVERYTHING I set out to. SO you can imagine my frustration as I stumbled into entrepreneurship bright eyed and bushy tailed...only to never see anything through to the end - like, ever.

I imagine you’re here too. 

Rest assured it’s not you. You are MORE than capable of accomplishing everything it is that you want. In fact, it’s your capability, tenacity, and go-get-em attitude that is holding you back (but only because you don’t know how to use it yet).

SO thus, the system of all goal setting systems was born and I’m about to share it with you! 

Part 1 to setting and achieving goals like an utter BOSS is Pick a goal.

I’m serious! Now before you leave, hear me out - I promise you don’t have one yet. And if you do, it’s not ready to be achieved. You see, George T Doran first established a system that blew everyone’s mind in 1981 called SMART goals. 

If you run around in personal development circles, I’m sure you’ve heard this before. But have you applied it? SMART goals is an acronym and a checklist of sorts to make sure that your goal is well rounded and set up to achieve.

First, your goal need to be SPECIFIC. “Be successful” or “Have a successful business” even “Make six figures” is NOT specific enough. To get a specific goal, you need to picture yourself in your perfect day. If life and business could look any way you painted it - picture THAT. 

Then, make a goal centered around it.

The rest of the acronym serves to help you get MORE specific. M stands for MEASURABLE. Meaning, your goal needs to have a number attached to it. Whether that’s a dollar sign, a sales volume, or some other type of growth measurement - you need a number. If you can’t measure your goal, how will you know if you’ve achieved it or even if you’re getting any closer at all?

A stands for ATTAINABLE and if you know anything about me, I actually hate this criteria. Not because it isn’t important but usually because it’s a huge wet blanket to big dreamers. Know this: You can do ANYTHING you set your mind to.

Attainability really comes down to the combination of the other criteria. Again, anything is possible for you if you go all in. Sometimes you need to just adjust the timeline a little. 

R stands for RELATIVE. Meaning that you need to match your goal to your business. You’d be surprised to hear that this isn’t common sense already but, the truth is that most of us build businesses based on what we feel is practical and NOT what we truly want out of life.

If you aren’t careful, you’ll end up on a totally different path than you want to be.

So the relativity of your goal actually relies more on your business than the goal itself. If they don’t line up, it may be time for a re-brand or an industry shift all together.

Our last letter is - T, TIME SENSITIVE. You’ve gotta give yourself a due date. I always say “If you give a kid 15 minutes to clean his room, he’ll do it in 15 minutes. If you give him a day, he’ll take a day.” If you don’t put a time stamp on your goal, there will be no sense of urgency for you to complete it - and you never will. 

Time stamps are scary because they mean commitment so it’s time now, to be real with you want this or not?

Part TWO - Chunk it down.

Big goals can be super intimidating and depending on the time stamp you gave your goal, you may need some bumpers along the way to keep you in your lane. 

Milestones help you chunk down big goals into checkpoints that you can actually wrap your brain around from where you’re currently standing (probably drowning actually) in your business.

Disclaimer: I don’t recommend setting too many milestones in place as your journey will likely shift as you move along - life, right?

SO 2 or 3 will do.

I usually choose a halfway milestone - this consists of the most IMPORTANT part of your big goal. The part that will help the rest fall into place. SO if we are using the example from before, the most important part of my big goal would be to quit my corporate job. Even if I end up taking a temporary pay cut, the time I’ll have to invest into my business will be priceless and will get me to opening a storefront MUCH quicker than If I tried to open the storefront while still working at my corporate job. Make sense ?

Then I set a 12 month goal that is something attainable over the next year. Now a little hint here… If you have been bouncing around from idea to idea and all over the place in your pursuit, your 12 month milestone will likely look a lot like shifting your business model and establishing yourself in this new role so that you’re set up to crush the next few years towards your ultimate goal.

If you’re still tracking with me, type YES below in the comments. (who knows, I may even pick you for a free strategy session with me to nail down your goal process!) 

Congrats!! You’ve made it through the hardest part and you are a CHAMP!

Now it’s time for the work. For the last part…

…you need to grab your closest milestone (meaning the one that next in line for your to achieve and we are going to do a little thing called reverse engineering. (Or reverse planning as I like to say - it’s less intense)

If you’ve never heard of it, the way reverse planning works is you take the end point (which is your CLOSEST milestone so mine would be 12 months) and you reverse plan alllllll the way back to where you are currently sitting listening to this video. Start by asking yourself “RIGHT BEFORE I can do __________, I need to ____________”

SO for example.Before I launch my Youtube channel I need to send one last email to my list letting them know it’s about to go live. THEN I would say “before I send one last email to my list, I need to...engage with my audience daily as they ask questions leading up to the launch”. And so forth. Get as DETAILED as you can. Because once you get back to where you’ve just written yourself a step by step roadmap to reaching your goal.

Most of these steps can be crossed off of your list in 24-48 hours. I am willing to bet that if you follow this plan diligently and daily, you’re going to hit that milestone in a fraction of the time that you planned to in the first place. 

How do I know this? Because I see it every day with my clients! They are crushing it left and right using this strategy and my entire process for scaling your business online and beyond.

So here’s a bonus tip to get yourself to the finish line even FASTER.

Get you some accountability. Seriously, come hang out with us in The Unlimited Woman Society for more value packed trainings like these and a community of women who are creating amazing things in their business right along with you. 

You know what they say, you are who you surround yourself with. Fill your circle with strong and driven women. I know a few!

You learned a TON today - let’s recap:

First, you need a SMART goal. The goal you set should be specific, measurable, attainable, and time sensitive so that you know how to measure it and diagnose any obstacles that can hinder forward motion. 

Second, you’ve gotta have milestones. Eliminate the overwhelm of big dreams by chunking it down into more digestible checkpoints that make you jump for joy versus running and hiding. 

Third, Plan it - BACKWARDS! You need to start with where you want to be and work back to where you are now so that you’ve drawn yourself a road map and are ready to get rolling towards amazing things!

Don’t forget about that accountability - it’s huge! You know you’re better when someone is holding you accountable. This is your DREAM. Do all that you can to see it through. 

And of course, if you want to implement this process with maximum effectiveness, you and I need to talk. There is NO accountability in this world like a coach walking through scaling your business 1:1. You can find out if we could make some magic together during our virtual coffee date where I’ll help you nail down this goal as well as determine what of your current strategies are and are NOT serving you so that all of your energy is moving you towards the ultimate goal.


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Talk Soon!

Makayla Ervin