3 crucial steps to MASTER attraction marketing in 2019

Attraction Marketing is ALLLLL the rage. But do you really know what it means? If you want to know how to draw in customers who are already waving money at you BEFORE the two of you even speak...Keep reading!

Today I’m going to break down attraction marketing for you so that you can know what the heck it is and how to apply it in your business for best result. 

Are you up for it? 

Before we dig in, I just have to say this little piece. Attraction marketing has been made very popular over the past few years by several well known companies, and it’s been given kind of a bad rap.

This is mostly because it’s being misunderstood and miscommunicated (kinda like that game of telephone we used to play in Sunday School?) but trust me when I say that this method for marketing can be used by anyone in any industry and it WILL work for you.

You just have to trust the process. 

SO the first thing you need to do to master attraction marketing is build your audience.

And…. you have to know how to do that first.

Part A to building your audience is by being yourself and creating a brand around YOU rather than a product or service you’re selling.

People like you and want to get to know you (contrary to what you may think). There are people out there who think like you and who “get you” - but you have to take the scary leap of exposing yourself so that they can find you. 

Part B of building your audience is knowing who the heck your audience is. You should have a mascot (or as I like to say, an “avatar”) that is like the picture-perfect customer of all customers and make it your mission to find and connect with more people like that.

Once you know ( AND IMPLEMENT) those two things, you officially can go and connect with and BUILD your audience. 

The second thing you need to do is engage your audience.

You need to let them know that YOU know exactly what they struggle with (in relation to your business) and that not only do you know what they desire to have instead...but you know how to help them obtain that.

It’s like they have a headache and you have some ibuprofen.
<< (not an ad.)

If you don’t know what they struggle with, that means it’s time to do some market research. Actually, even if you THINK you know what they struggle with, it’s never a bad idea to brush up on your market research to get a fresh look.

As professionals, it’s really easy to give people what we KNOW they need. But they won’t relate to that. Think back to that toxic relationship you had in high school. Your friends and your mama probably told you to find a new guy and did you listen? NO! Because it’s not what you wanted to hear.

You need to engage your audience with what they’re looking for and sneak in the good stuff that you know they need.

I call it “chocolate covered kale”.

I’ll personally engage with anyone who has chocolate….

The third thing you need to do is sell

...and this is the part where people usually fudge it all up.

This is NOT the part where you slide into their DMs and tell them how perfect your offer is for them. 


Selling happens out in the open, during everyday moments, SUBTLY. It’s an invitation for whoever needs you, to come find you.

You sell through the content you put out there, BY engaging them...speaking to their need...and offering that painkiller in your back pocket if they want it.

Some people don’t take medicine and that’s fine. But for those that do, they will come to YOU if they know you have it. But you have to let them know and you have to let them know CONSISTENTLY. 

Every day.

Even when you feel like it’s not working.

So, create that valuable content every day that nurtures your audience and gently reminds them of the solution you have. Your content should ALWAYS have a call to action or point them to a next step. 

It’s time for a recap!

TO master attraction marketing you need to…

Build your audience by showcasing your best self and knowing exactly what kind of audience you want to build.

Engage your audience by showing them that you know and understand them and speaking to the pain they have and what they truly believe they need to heal it.

And finally selling ( the RIGHT way ). Creating content that is value-based, tells a story, and sells your offer all in one. 

No chasing down leads. That is literally the opposite of attraction.

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Talk Soon!

Makayla Ervin