THE #1 BUSINESS GROWTH STRATEGY for *consistent* 10K months

Are you dying to hit the elusive $10K months but have NO IDEA how to get there? It feels like everything you do is a shot in the dark and you’re lacking strategy...right?

Well, don’t worry sister - this is actually my “thing” and I wanna share with you exactly how me and my clients have established a framework for scaling our businesses and create $10K months or more CONSISTENTLY.

Today I’m going to spill ALL the beans about the EXACT strategy my clients walk through in my 8-week Academy Program.

This same program has sent countless women on to building businesses from dreams they’ve stifled for 5+ years, SEVEN times their income, go VIRAL on Facebook,  graduate to the $10K month income...and more.

My 5 key steps are being outlined for you TODAY. You ready? Let’s get it!

So before we dive in, some of this information is going to be brand new to you (because I created it) but some is going to be a refresher on things you already know.

BEFORE you roll your eyes because you’ve heard the information a thousand times...I want to challenge you to hear it again, from a new source, in a new way - and then to go IMPLEMENT IT.

Knowing is NOT enough to make a change. 

Knowing the information will not magically change your business. You have to take the steps necessary to implement and then stay the course. Because change doesn’t happen overnight.

Anyways rant over.

Your calling is not what you do FOR business, it’s who you are IN business.

-Makayla Ervin, The Unlimited Woman Academy

On to Number 1  which is… Calibrate to your calling. 

Wait...what? What does that even mean?

Don’t worry - I’ve got you.

Calibrating to your calling means that you have more of a purpose to your business than to make money or sell your product or service. In fact, calling actually isn’t even PART of your business. 

It’s who you are and what lights you on fire. 

I get SO MANY QUESTIONS when I mention this to entrepreneurs. It raises the most eyebrows when I speak at events. It’s freaking confusing, okay? I totally get that.

The best way I can help guide you to your calling is to free-write about what fills your cup. Not a role or title that you have, but a result that you provide or a passion that you bring to the table.

Let me paint the picture for you.

So, my calling is helping people recognize and come in to their full potential. (Notice, it’s not “business coaching”.) This is something that I’ve carried with me throughout my entire life. I’ve always known that there was more underneath the surface. 

In college, I convinced my roommate to follow her dreams and pursue cosmetology school instead of the pre-med her parents so desperately wanted for her.

I retired my husband so that he could take a break from corporate America and the pressures surrounding his previous career so that he could have some time to reflect on his own desires and move in the direction he wants for his life.

I want the same for my kids, my clients, and YOU.

I could infuse this calling into anything. Coaching, teaching high school, professional musician, etc. And you can do this too. Your calling is not what you do FOR business, it’s who you are IN business.

SO ask yourself “Who AM I? What lights my fire and how can I use that to drive my business?”

Number 2 is Create a Big Picture Plan

This should pretty much go without saying but, if you don’t know where you’re going….you’re NEVER going to make it there.

If you’re anything like me, you want to go ALL the places. You have BIG dreams and they are probably making you feel small. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the weight of all the things you haven’t yet accomplished. But listen up, it doesn’t mean you have to water down your goals to get on top on them.

You need a plan of action. To create that plan of action, you need to dump out all of your dreams, put them in the order that makes the most sense sequentially...and then make a step by step plan to crush them one by one - in order.

It’s that simple. I can almost bet you’d be able to accomplish this in an hour with complete focus. 

And it’s also worth it to mention that this step ALONE has helped my clients go from little to no growth in their business in 5-7 years to adding  3, 5, even 7 times-ing their income within just a few months of working with me and implementing.

So do with that what you will...

Number 3 is Captivate Your DREAM Audience.

(Notice I didn’t say “captivate the masses”)

This step is CRUCIAL in effectively building your brand. You have to know who you’re talking to and sister, it’s not “everyone”. Though your product or service could probably benefit anyone out there in the universe...YOU are not the best fit for everyone.

Part of being a truly amazing business owner is knowing who you vibe with the most and targeting THEM. Trusting that you’re not “losing out” on business but that you’re becoming a lighthouse for those you desire to work with most.

You have to step out if you want to stand out. Meaning you MUST set yourself apart from the rest by getting a clear idea of who your business’ “mascot” or “avatar” is and directing everything you do towards them.

You’re kind of like a stalker - but without all the creepy stuff.

You need one person, one muse for your business that you live and breathe to attract. I PROMISE you, you WILL find your people. They will start showing up by the boatload once you’re ready for them.

Number 4 is Develop Your Signature. 

And I’m not talking about your autograph sister. No, your signature is your prime offer. This is the ONE THING you know your dream audience needs from you. It’s the whole package. 

The key to having a scalable business is to stick with what you know FIRST and to do it REALLY well.

You cannot “custom make” your way to the top by curating a special offer for every unique circumstance that comes your way. You also do not have to roll out a new offer every single month.

I know it looks like all of these BIG TIME businesses and coaches and influencers are ALWAYS doing something new...but you want to know their secret?

They have a HUGE process that encompasses the heart of what they’re known for. And they are able to break apart and shake up that offer again and again to serve different audiences in different ways.

My favorite example of this is my client who is an interior designer for high end nurseries (talk about niche right?!) Her signature offer was the step by step, done for you nursery design - where she went into people’s homes and put the nursery together by hand. 

Each step of her process was SO fluid that she was able to copy and paste the steps from client to client (obviously just inserting new design elements) But it was like a template for how she did things - and that’s the idea here.

Since working with me and identifying her process, she’s actually been able to create a course for designers to learn her process and be able to build their own design business from it. She also created a DIY course that she sells to each of her clients so that they can learn how to implement her process in the other rooms of their home as well.

See? It’s creating a system for your offer that makes expansion easy. This is SO important to avoid overworking yourself by trying to reinvent the wheel and ultimately putting a cap on your income potential.

Okay so our final key strategy is to master relationship marketing.

I know you’re super excited about this one which is why I saved it for last.

Relationship marketing is all about showing your audience what you’re made of. It’s about not being afraid to be vulnerable and show pieces of who you really are - in a way that is relatable to them - in order to build that relationship. 

Relationship marketing IS a long game. Sometimes you will plant a seed and you will nurture it for MONTHS until it finally sprouts up and is ready for you - which is why consistency is crucial here.

But like they say, nothing worth it comes easy and these customers that you toil over and nurture endlessly with build the most loyal following you could’ve ever imagined.  They’ll be with you for LIFE.

Once you get inside the mind of your dream client and start speaking directly to her, hanging out where she hangs out online, and shifting your whole brand to be something she can dig - your business is going to be transformed. 

It doesn’t take a marketing genius to market your business genius-ly. I went from broke coach who could barely get people to finish my free courses - to a 6 figure business owner ALL BY BUILDING RELATIONSHIPS with my audience - by providing value, allowing them to SEE me in order to trust me, by listening to them and what they wanted to know, and applying it.

If you want overnight success, I can’t help you. But if you want to build a sustainable, long lasting, forever growing brand...I’m all in with you!

Let’s go over this real quick!

Your number one thing to master is calibrating to your calling. You’ve gotta be grounded in who you are and WHY so that you can amplify that message to others.

Remember, calling is not a job title or a business. It’s who you are IN your business. And in LIFE. 

Number 2 is make a big picture plan. It’s much easier to drive when you can see the road ahead so flip on your windshield wipers and brush off that overwhelm. Take a good hard look at what you want to accomplish in this lifetime and put it on paper with some due dates!

And if you want more help with effective goal setting. Check out episode 002 where I share my flagship framework to setting and achieving your biggest business goals. 

Number 3 is Captivate your audience. Know who she is, have her imaginary face in your mind. Know why she needs to work with you and what you can do for her - and use THIS to shape everything you do in your business.

Number 4 is Develop your signature. You probably already have it and use it but until you acknowledge it, you don’t truly know how valuable it can be for you.

Decide what you do best over all and go all in with it. Outline your strategy and brainstorm how many different ways you can offer this to your audience.

And number 5 which is master relationship marketing. You have to build that magical know, like, and trust factor to connect with those people who are going to stick around for the life of your business.  

It’s not enough to share your offer. You have to let them know that you GET them and that your offer is a best fit for them….and don’t forget to tell them WHY. 

Don’t forget sister, my clients didn’t listen to my lecture about this 5 part strategy and magically transform their business. Implementation is KEY in getting the full dose of effectiveness from this strategy. 

If you’ve “known” ANY part of this but still haven’t witnessed it working for you in your business - I’m willing to bet there’s some work to do.

I’d love to chat with you about how I’ve helped each of my clients apply this system to their business in unique ways to get every ounce of value out of it. 

Your business is one of a kind and it deserves one of a kind attention to help it grow to be everything it can be. 

If you are ready to see how MUCH growth you can get from these 5 steps, them HOP ON MY CALENDAR AND GRAB A VIRTUAL COFFEE DATE WITH ME this week so that we can take a look at your business, see which of these areas is thriving, which is not, and make a plan of action to perfect each area individually.

Plus, if I think it’s a fit, I may even invite you to be one of the lucky ladies that gets to work with me personally to implement this in YOUR business

Talk Soon,


Makayla Ervin