THE SECRET TO CONTENT CREATION for social media mastery

Wanna know the secret to creating content and mastering social media like those businesses you’ve been envying for months?? They make it look SO EASY - but you get one sentence in and a sudden onset of writer’s block permanently handicaps your content creation skills. 

What gives?!

I’m about to let you in on the secret age old copywriting formula that will turn boring posts into captivating stories and will have your audience coming back every single day for MORE! Today we are going to dissect the most powerful copywriting formula into pieces that help you to write like a pro - every day. 

Welcome to content creation boot camp!

Before you start. It’s really crucial for you to have a few ducks in a row. The first duck is a place to keep all of your content. My favorite place to draft my content is in Google Drive! 

That’s right. You do NOT need a fancy scheduler to plan your content ahead of time. Just a word doc or my favorite, Google Drive, will do for you to create amazing content. This helps your content to stay in one place and to be easily accessible in the future.

You're working SUPER hard on creating amazing copy - so you definitely need to be able to recycle it and use it again in the future so that you can squeeze every last bit of value out of it.

The rest of the ducks are things you need to know or establish before you write the copy. These things are the purpose, intention, inspiration, and call to action of this particular piece of content. Establishing these things up front will keep you in your lane and focused when your mind starts to wonder or that writers’ block begins to rise up. 

Ask yourself the main purpose or point of what you’re trying to get across here, the intention or feeling you want the reader to have, the inspiration or story that is the theme of your content, and the call to action or next step you’ll encourage the reader to take at the end. 

Oh and one more little hack…

One of my favorite tips is to write “Dear Sarah” (Which is my dream client avatar’s name) at the top of my content. It seems so simple - and kind of weird - but it helps me get into the zone of writing to ONE person (my perfect client) and keeps me grounded when my mind starts to wander.

Alright, let’s get to the meat of this!

The general rule of thumb for amazing content creation is to make sure that each piece of your content does these 3 things.

You want it to speak to a problem your audience has, agitate that problem, and solve it.

This problem, agitate , solve formula can be used both in long and short form content but it shines BEST in long form copy. You know…those marathon posts that other business owners write where you think “WHO is going to read all of that???”

Their dream client - that’s who! And YOURS will too if you are speaking to her soul in your writing.

From my experience, if you refuse to embrace long form copy…you’re going to have a hard time connection with your audience through content marketing. It doesn’t have to be all the time. Just occasionally.

end rant

The opening statements should immediately speak to a familiar problem your audience has in relation to your business. You want to catch them right away and have them nodding “yes” to whatever you’re saying in just that first few sentences.

In the middle is where you agitate it, and the best way to agitate is by telling a story. You can tell your own story, you can tell your version of their story, a past client or customer story, a friend or colleagues story, even a made up story - as long as it paints a picture and gets the point across.

Marketing is storytelling.
It’s point is to draw you in and connect you to whatever the purpose is. We start our lives being told stories to understand things. As a mom, I can’t tell you how many times I have to refer to Dr.Seuss books and Episodes of Daniel Tiger to remind my kids of things they need to know.

And it sticks with them. Just like it will stick with your audience.

The final piece is solving it. You need to conclude the story with a happy (or sometimes sad) ending. Your solution should make the story make sense to the reader where they currently are and challenge them with a “next step”. 

You should ALWAYS have a call to action at the end that encourages them to do something next. You never want to leave them with the feeling of “that was nice - now what”. YOU tell them what comes next.

I want to remind you that this strategy does not only apply to long form copy. You can accomplish this in 3 sentences, 3 paragraphs, or 3 pages. 

Back on my rant for a minute - it’s good to have a variety of all of these in your content bank but those long form post….they really get people. Once you know your target market and what they desire - plus what’s holding them back, these will come so easy to you and they will be a powerful marketing tool for you. 

Let’s run through a recap!

Problem. Agitate. Solve.

You need to speak to a SPECIFIC problem your audience has. For instance, I should not always talk about growing a business. That’s too generic. But knowing what aspects of growing a business cause my audience pain is really important so that I can speak to each thing individually. 

Agitate it. Let them know you REALLY get it by telling a story they can relate to. Tell their story, your story, the president of the United States’ story. Whatever is going to get the point across to them and make it “click”.

Lastly, Solve it. Solve it REAL good, complete with a call to action. Conclude your entire point and give them something to do about it. CHALLENGE them to take action.

Cool? Type “Content Queen” in the comments if you’re ready to SLAY content creation and master social media to grow your business. 

Listen, I hope you enjoyed today’s episode. I truly want you to feel like all of your content is fire and is bringing you one step closer to your next client.

But the truth is, there are so many little ducks that need to be in a row in your business for it to truly thrive.

Fire content is great but it won’t help your income if your sales skills are suffering or if you have no clue who your dream audience is or how to reach them.

If you wish that someone would just take a look at your entire business and tell you what is and is NOT working out in your favor - let’s talk.

HOP ON MY CALENDAR THIS WEEK and we will do an entire business evaluation, outline a plan of action for growth, PLUS I may invite you to be one of the few ladies who gets to work with me personally this month in my Academy for unlimited females.

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I’d LOVE to have you in there!

Talk Soon! 


Makayla Ervin