GET MORE CLIENTS TODAY - How I got unstuck and created more leads in 2019!

Do you feel your business is less like a well oiled machine and more like a free-for-all when it comes to creating client leads?

I’m about to share my secret to get more clients TODAY and create more leads for your business consistently over the next 12 months ( and forever!)

I'm sharing with you…. ONE question and ONE strategy that will help you create leads starting today thus lifting you up from the pits of the most dreaded client drought. 

It’s often that business owners come to me utterly frustrated about the fact that their business is so hot and cold. One month things are rocking and rolling followed by yet another scarce month. The feast and famine trend is likely driving you crazy as well so I want to present you with the one question I use to begin a shift in all of my clients in their first meeting with me which is…

Where did your last 5 clients come from? 

Now most times I get crickets and puzzled looks and giggles of embarrassment for not having the answer right away.  But actually? It’s more normal than you’d think.

But doesn’t it make sense to you now that the VERY THINGS that have been working FOR you in the client creation process, you’ve not been doing consistently...which is why you’re having trouble with consistent client creation?

Your initial reaction to a paid invoice is not usually “How did they get here?” It’s more like, “Where am I taking the family for dinner tonight?” Right?? 

It’s okay, I’m not hating on you. I do the same things sometimes. However, if you would do the things that are working for you in the client creation process...they would keep working for you.

So that’s your first assignment. Where did your past 5 clients come from?

Once you’ve gathered that information, you then need to create a funnel strategy.

And a funnel is exactly what it sounds like. A tool (or strategy) used to move or funnel people from outside your organization to working with you via your offer. 

Take what’s been working for you and plug it in to a funnel strategy that you can repeat every day. So for instance, if 4 out of 5 of your past clients came to your from a public speaking gig, you’re going to do more public speaking 2-3 times per month or more. If they came to your from Instagram Live, You’re going to start implementing those daily.

Consider EACH STEP that brought your clients from not knowing who the heck you are to working with you. Starting with becoming Facebook friends after meeting at a networking event, to engaging in one of your FB lives, to following your call to action to sign up for your free ebook, to getting on your email list, to following a call to action to purchase your offer.

THAT’S What a funnel looks like - many steps that lead to your offer.

TRUE and consistent client creation
takes strategy. Nurturing your audience is a MUST and if you can pinpoint how they like to be nurtured and what they respond well’ve created a system that can easily be duplicated every single day to bring you more leads (plus did I mention you can cut out the crap that isn’t necessary? Nobody has time for that!!)

Isn’t that so simple? Type “Mind Blown” in the comments below if you are ready to implement this today!

Okay, I know you’re ready to jump into this in your own business so let me give you a quick refresher before you go. 

First - Make a list of how you got your past 5 clients. Get as specific as you can of how they went from not even knowing your name to signing on the dotted line. And don’t be afraid to ask them. Even if you’re no longer working together. It doesn’t hurt to reach out and just let them know you’re doing market research.

Second - From the information you gathered, create a plan you can implement DAILY in your business to recreate more of these clients in your life. If it worked one time, it will work again. But you just have to be diligent and consistent - even when you don’t feel like it. 

And of course bonus tip...IMPLEMENT. Make these things your non-negotiables each day. Do them first thing in the morning and before you can work on anything else. You’ll fight a lot of resistance some days but remember, done is better than perfect!

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Talk Soon!


Makayla Ervin