BEST WAY to grow a successful online business (and how I retired my husband in 5 months!)

Hey there! What would you say if I told you that it was totally possible for you to retire your husband in just 5 months - no matter WHERE you are currently with your business?

Are you into it?

Well listen up because today’s episode of The Unlimited Woman Show is ALL about how I went from coasting through business ownership, TOTALLY stagnant to retiring my husband from his corporate job at only 24 years old (and it took just under 5 months!!)

What’s up? I’m Makayla Ervin and today I’m going to share with you the exact steps you need to take - IN ORDER - to make the most of your time and scale your business fast. 

A little disclaimer before we dive in - I spent a long season neglecting my coaching business because I was WAY consumed with my clients and their results. You may be thinking, “ That’s not the WORST thing you could be doing with your time.” 

And it wasn’t. I loved it. Until I came up from all of that with a bunch of completed contracts and NO CLIENTS - NO PROSPECTS. 

So all that to say, I’m going to be sharing WHY each of these steps is important and how I suffered when I wasn’t focused on them. I really want you to see the cost of not implementing each of these because every one of them serves a crucial purpose. 

Let’s dive in to step 1. Girl - You need a coach!

Yeah, I just did that. Now before you throw rotten tomatoes at me, hear me out.

First of all, let me reel you back in with this fact. You do not HAVE to pay for a coach. Now - full disclosure, I highly recommend investing in a coach because it’s often true that “you get what you pay for” HOWEVER, there are resources everywhere so no excuses if you’re not convinced on making the investment yet. 

If you can’t afford a coach to get you there faster, hit up the WWW and seek out help from the billions of experts and authorities out there who know their stuff and are constantly sharing free content and coaching online.  

If you’re overwhelmed by all of the information or constantly finding yourself avoiding the hard parts - you need to find some money for a coach who’s gonna kick your butt into gear.

Accountability (or rather a lack thereof) is the NUMBER ONE reason that businesses fail. On the flip side, accountability is the NUMBER ONE benefit of having a coach. 

I started out with a business coach but took a break for a while because I thought a year gave me all the knowledge I needed to be the best coach on the planet. I thought I had graduated from the need of a coach...Yeah, that was false. 

 I quickly realized that was not the case. And while I still had access to all of the information, trainings, and the wisdom she imparted on me. I was lacking accountability (which like I said, is the REAL value of having a coach). 

5 months before my husband retired, I invested in TWO coaches (specializing in different areas of my weaknesses) - and soon we added a THIRD to coach both my husband and I worked with together. 

And wouldn’t ya know it? Rapid growth. BOOM. I promise I’ll stop this coaching rant BUT just know - I am a huge believer in coaching and I happen to know an excellent one myself. (hint: It’s me.)

Step 2 is Strut your Stuff.

And by strut your stuff - I do not mean your product. I REPEAT DO NOT SPAM PEOPLE TO DEATH WITH YOUR OFFER. Of course, this forceful strategy works but, you’ll come out with a lot less friends. 

No - strut your stuff means that you are showcasing your knowledge, expertise, passion, understanding, etc. to your audience. You’re finding out what they want that you have and committing to sharing this with them daily (Yes, DAILY). 

Inconsistent content is a quick way to lose trust from your audience. Strut Your Stuff daily by creating content they find VALUABLE on social media.

Make a content plan by writing out where, how, and how OFTEN you will show up in front of your audience with value. Commit to this for 30 days (YES, 30) and watch how your audience grows and grows. 

EVERY SINGLE TIME I’ve found myself in a lull (clients wise), it’s because I am not fully present and sharing value to the best of my availability. You MUST stay relevant to people so they know where to go when they (or a friend) is looking for you. 

Step 3 - Make some friends!

I know I feel this way and I bet you do too. Sometimes I get so wrapped up in business that I forget to be an actual human, right? You get so caught up in pitching your offer to every person it may apply to - because you’re really afraid that you might miss out on business.

“If it’s meant for you, it won’t miss you.”

-Stephanie Dawn Elizabeth

(The Girl Kind Podcast)

My friend Stephanie of The Girl Kind podcast once told me “If it’s meant for you, it won’t miss you.” So by being your authentic self and resting in the fact that what’s meant for you WILL come your’re giving yourself permission to be human again AND - people are going to like that...A LOT

Genuine engagement is ALL about knowing where your audience hangs out, going there, and then forgetting about the business. Seriously - you don’t need to shout from the rooftops how YOU believe you can help someone. If you begin to engage and be authentic, you will make REAL and lasting connections (plus, if your social media profiles have your business information on them - which they should - then you are golden.)

You know how it goes. You find someone you like on social and you start creeping on them...Finding out what they look like, where they live, and who their high school boyfriend was….Is that just me?

Anyways… then, BAM - divine appointment sets in. The friendship was a match made in heaven.

Again, DAILY you should be on social media - dedicating about an hour or so to authentic connections. NOT SCROLLING. Intentional, valuable, genuine engagement with others in your industry, similar industries, and of course potential clients. 

Step 4 - is Set Yourself Up For Success.

This is the part where sharing your offer IS acceptable (notice how it’s alllll the way down here at the bottom?). Yes, that’s because we are in the business of connection and service. We always connect, build relationships, serve, and THEN share our offer. 

To set yourself up for the most possible success, you have to optimize every ounce of effort to reach its fullest potential. You’re working so hard and pouring into your business - so you have to make sure that everything you’re doing is set up to convert your audience into paying customers. 

Every piece of content you share should have some sort of call to action in it. You should be inviting them to do, or go, or participate in something else that is yours so that you can continue to nurture them and ultimately funnel them towards your offer. 

I highly recommend creating a call to action bank. It’s one of my favorite content tools that I use because it makes finding the best call to action and keeping things fresh SUPER easy. I never feel redundant or slimy because everything fits and I’m always talking about something new in my calls to action. 

Have you ever said to yourself “I’m tired of people liking my stuff and never buying?” YES. As a coach, I often get SO sick of being inspirational. There was a point where I thought “If ONE MORE person tells me I’m ‘so inspiring’ - I’m going to scream.” Inspiration wasn’t paying my bills and likes are not paying yours.

So, if you’re speaking to a need your audience need to give them something to do about it. Don’t leave them fired up with nowhere to go. ALWAYS lead to a “next step”. 

Now here’s a BONUS tip -

Before you get started, you need to rally your support. Surround yourself with the most uplifting and encouraging people you know. Share your goal with them and let them know you’re only accepting support.

I spent a lot of time in the earlier part of my business, letting people say whatever they wanted about my business and my goals. Though some of it may have been well meaning, it was super toxic.

Phrases like “Don’t be disappointed if that doesn’t happen for you.” or “Make sure that you don’t miss out on time with your kids.” were the soundtrack of my first couple of years. It was frustrating but I didn’t know how to handle it so I just kept quiet. Instead of deciding I wasn’t going to tolerate it anymore, I continued to “brush it off” which resorted  in actually only burying it and further damaging my mindset. 

Stand up for yourself, your business and your dreams. There’s a polite way to let people know that you have thought a lot about what you’re doing and frankly - it’s not of their business. Own your goals - I can’t tell you how empowering it feels to tell people (with love) to put a sock in it. 

SO - let’s do a recap shall we? 

First, you need to get a coach. Whether that be a paid partnership, free help through your state or city, OR stalking your favorite guru online. (Which, if you’re learning from free content - be sure to show love to those you stalk. We pour a ton of effort into this free content for you all and the support helps a ton!) 

If you want more help in this area - Stay tuned for an episode on how to find the perfect business coach for you. Go ahead and comment “YES” below if you’re pumped for that!

Second, strut your stuff! Create a plan of action for sharing value-infused content DAILY so that you can build trust and authority with your audience. 

Third, make some friends. Commit to spending a set amount of time AT A SET TIME every day, engaging with your audience and finding new people with similar audiences as you to engage with. Be intentional about building these relationships. The more authentic you are, the better a result you will see here.

Fourth, Set yourself up for success. ALWAYS give your audience something to do next. Your content should always point back to another place where your audience can find more amazing content from you OR even how they can work with you. Create that magical call to action bank with all of the options so that you can always have access to them and choose the best one for each occasion. 

Lastly, surround yourself with support. Meaning - put on your blinders and block the haters OUT. Empower yourself by only accepting support in your pursuit and don’t be afraid to let people know that. 

If you want to find a tribe of people who are driven, like minded and willing to support one another along their crazy ride as a business owner. Comment below with your name and industry or business so that others can find you. You never know who could find you!

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