WHAT IS A BUSINESS COACH??? (and what I wish I would've known before hiring one)

Do you want to know what the REAL deal is with the coaching industry and why anyone would fork out 3 months salary to work with one? 

It seems bizarre - but with hype building around the industry along with a rise in skepticism, I’m sharing my candid take as someone who coaches and has been coached so that you can have an inside perspective - PLUS know how to find a coach who is capable of guiding you through your toughest business obstacles. 

Today I’m getting super candid about the coaching industry (and hoping that I don’t lose too many of my industry friends in the process.) It’s been brought to my attention that there’s not enough knowledge out there about business coaching. In fact, most of my clients don’t even KNOW that coaching is a thing until they connect with me for the first time.

We’ve gotta do better!

So before I give you the inside scoop, I need to let you know a few things. 

Number 1 - Coaching is NOT a regulated field.

What this means is literally anyone can be a coach. Even certifications are not “regulated”. Most are very reputable and are accepted by one of the 3 Main Coaching Boards - but really it’s all just based on experience. 

So, good news is anyone who wants to, can be a coach. Bad news is...anyone who wants to, can be a coach!

Number 2 - There are no guarantees in coaching.

Even though coaches typically have a “guarantee or a Program promise” - it’s a collective effort between you, your coach, and the universe to make those things happen. There is no magical exchange of money in which you pay and then suddenly all of your dreams come through. There’s learning curves and implementation.

There is SOME magic in the investment. I can tell you crazy stories about things that have happened almost immediately after I, my friends, and my clients have made huge financial investments. But for the most part, you still have to do the work. 

SO now that I’ve got to play mythbusters for a minute - it’s time to dive in to the actual meat. Ready?

FIRST - Finding the perfect coach all boils down to alignment.

I have worked with some world renowned coaches and seen ZERO results because I was unaligned with their values. The opposite is also true. I’ve worked with brand new, hot off the press coaches that had NO results yet - and have moved mountains with them because I was totally digging their vibe, and they mine.

It’s really good to “hang out” with your coach for a while before you settle on them. Meaning, you’re kind of stalking them. Listen to their content. Attend any live events they participate in and get a feel for their personality. Even set up a free consultation and see how you feel there.

The truth is, most coaches have a great system. They’re all a little different - but that’s not what you’re REALLY paying for with coaching. 

You’re paying for the accountability that comes with having a coach or a team of coaches behind you, waiting for you to do great things. And for the empowerment that “I just spent a crap ton of money on my business. I’m SO amazing and also...I better get to freaking work!” You’re paying to light your own fire. We all need a spark that will light the match inside of us.

And with that poetic sentiment, I will move on to my second point...

SECOND - They’re all expensive.

Every single one of them is the price of a nice little cash car or a family vacation so just know that and expect that going into it.

The reason why is, one...coaches have to pay their bills and most have to put a strict cap on the amount of clients they take at once because they are SO hands on...which is a good thing for you. It means you will get the attention (and results) you’re looking for . 

But the main reason is the value of what you are getting. Working with a coach in any personal development realm is immediately up-levelling your life. The lessons, the ah-ha moments, and the skills you learn are things you will carry with you throughout your life. They are things that will continue to help you forever and it’s really hard to put a price on that. 

Even those coaches I was unaligned with taught me things I needed to know. You can never go wrong investing in your own personal development. 

THIRD - Ask your questions. ALL OF THEM.

When you’re deciding whether you should work with a coach, you need to open up about all of your hesitations and what you are expecting. This is a huge deal for you and you deserve to have the answers to your questions before you blindly walk into something.

A few things to ask are

  • How hands-on are you as a coach?

  • What's the day to day time commitment of this program?

  • If I do all the work and execute every implementation, what result should happen for me? 

  • What’s the ideal “next step” for your clients after they complete your program? 

But seriously, ask it all. Good coaches will welcome your questions and give you honest answers. Believe me - I don’t want someone working with me if we are not on the same page about support and expected results. No good coach does. 

So have a list of things you want to know before you ever hop on a call with your potential mentor. 

A bonus tip is to follow your intuition.

Did you know that you are able to make a decision within 5 seconds of being presented with a choice or opportunity? It’s true. Your subconscious brain KNOWS and automatically leans you one way or the other when you are faced with a choice.

As a human being - you tend to overcomplicate things by “thinking about them” which is code for : letting fear, worry and “what ifs” set in and confuse you to the point of just staying safe, as you are, in your zone of familiarity. 

I don’t believe anything happens without meaning. SO if you follow the criteria above and heed the advice given, you can rest assured that whoever  you end up on the phone with will likely change your life.

And don’t forget - the scarier the leap - the sweeter the reward. It never fails. 

Recap time!!!

SO first you’re going to want to get aligned with your coach. Seriously stalk them and hang out with them online. Binge their content, get on their mailing list and immerse yourself in their teachings to see if their coaching style and beliefs feel right to you. 

Second, hold off on buying that cash car. I’m kidding - sort of. But know that any worthy investment will sting a little. Coaching is no exception. If you want real deal results, you’re likely going to need to come outside of your financial comfort zone. You won’t die. Your worst financial nightmare will not come true. Actually, your energy will likely shift and you will be on fire just from the empowerment of spending that money on your dreams. 

And don’t buy into the lie that you can’t afford coaching. It’s not in anyone’s budget. But I have seen people (myself included) do some pretty creative things to get into high end programs. You know what they say...if you want something you’ll find a way, if you don’t you’ll find an excuse. 

Third. Ask. The. Questions. Make a list of questions including the ones I gave you BEFORE you hop on the phone with a potential coach. Don’t be embarrassed to get all the information you need from them. 

And your bonus tip - listen to your intuition. Even if your wallet is screaming and your fear alarms are going off like crazy...if you hear a whisper inside telling you to jump, you’ll miss out on something amazing if you don’t.

Listen, I hope this helped you navigate through your own thoughts and hesitations around business coaching. I will be doing another episode on this soon so please drop your follow up questions in the comments so that I can dig even deeper into this subject.

Coaching has changed my life in ways I never knew I needed. It’s my dream that everyone will be able to experience coaching in some capacity because really - it’s transformational in a word. 

If you want to hang out with me and get an inside look at a day in the life of a business coach, be sure to FOLLOW ME ON INSTA. Send me a DM and let me know you’re from the Unlimited Woman Show and I will connect with you personally!

Talk Soon!


Makayla Ervin